Spindrift Rewarding Project

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Spindrift Rewarding Project Mission

Our mission is to focus on helping the homeless and their pets.  Spindrift Rewarding Project provides needed supplies for survival, food for companion pets,  and  opportunities for those in need.

                    Who We Are

We are located in the town of Seal Rock Oregon, a place where the people like me (Susan) want to help the community.
Spindrift Rewarding Project is a 501(c)3 non profit organization which aims to provide needed help and neccessities  for the homeless, including gift packs containing hygiene products, survival tools, blankets, food, clothing, and other useful items. We also contribute pet food to homeless companions, and vet care if needed.   
We at Spindrift are here to give support and engage the individual.


Meet us
at the
Spindrift Farm

We want to become a place for meeting volunteers and other supporters. We organize events for share our new projects, spend time with the families who want to help us.
In the open days we offer creative activity, farm activity for kids, free homemade snacks... stay tuned on Facebook!
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